FAZIOLI veröffentlicht am 16.12.2022 eine Dokumentation über die Restauration des allerersten FAZIOLI F308 Konzertflügels.


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 “Among them, the French-American François-Joel Thiollier who had the honour of playing the new F308 model for the first time in 1987, a concert piano destined for larger halls, inaugurating it with the performance of the First and Second Piano Concertos by Tchaikovsky. This piano, later also played by Lazar Berman at Carnegie Hall in New York, was sold to a customer in Taiwan.

 In the film, this same instrument, the very first F308 model ever built returned to its birth-place in Italy after decades, lends itself to being a sort of allegorical and visual fil-rouge throughout the story of the film and acts as a counterpoint to the various testimonies. It also provides the excuse to enter the Fazioli factory, today a modern, clean and bright working place, animated by passionate collaborators with a strong spirit of belonging to the company.”